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Eukanuba Vs. Bare Pets: Which Premium Kibble Packs The Most Nutrition?

In the world of premium dog kibble, the choices are abundant, but not all are created equal. This blog aims to dissect the nutritional content of Eukanuba and Bare Pets, two leading brands that promise to deliver top-tier nutrition for our canine friends.

Nutritional Analysis: Eukanuba vs Bare Pets


Eukanuba’s Adult Medium Breed Chicken formula reflects their dedication to breed-specific nutrition. By ensuring their kibble meets AAFCO standards, Eukanuba provides a diet that supports overall health, considering the unique needs of different life stages. 

Including high-quality chicken as the primary protein source, along with a careful selection of grains and the addition of fish oil, speaks to their commitment to a balanced diet. Eukanuba’s blend, enhanced with dried beet pulp and fructo-oligosaccharides, aims not only to nourish but also to aid in digestion and promote a robust immune system, catering to pet owners who seek a comprehensive diet for their companions.

Eukanuba is a brand that adheres to AAFCO standards and offers life-stage-specific nutrition. Their adult medium breed chicken formula is packed with over 24% chicken and dehydrated poultry alongside various grains such as wheat, corn, sorghum, and barley. This formula also includes beneficial components like dried beet pulp for fiber and fructo-oligosaccharides for digestive health. 

Priced at ₱698.67 per kilogram, Eukanuba positions itself as a premium choice for pet owners willing to invest in their dog’s nutritional needs.

Bare Pets

Bare Pets remains true to its ethos of simplicity and transparency with its Candidly Fresh Chicken recipe. The brand’s approach is grounded in the belief that quality comes from recognizable ingredients without unnecessary fillers or additives. 

By focusing on fresh, high-quality proteins from chicken and pork and enriching their formula with essential nutrients and probiotics, Bare Pets ensures a wholesome diet conducive to optimal health. The brand appeals to those who prioritize a natural diet for their pets and appreciate a subscription service’s convenience and consistency.

Bare Pets continues to focus on providing a natural, minimally processed diet with its fresh chicken and dried pork protein recipe. Vitamins, minerals, and probiotics are included to promote a balanced diet, emphasizing high-quality, readily identifiable ingredients. 

The subscription-based pricing model is structured to offer convenience and ongoing value for a consistent quality diet.

Nutritional Comparison Table

NutrientEukanubaBare Pets
Main IngredientsChicken, dehydrated poultry, grains, beet pulpFresh chicken, dried pork protein, grains
Protein SourceChicken (> 24%), poultry proteinChicken and pork
Carbohydrate SourcesWheat, corn, sorghum, barleyGrains, peas
Fiber SourceDried beet pulp (> 2.5%), fructo-oligosaccharidesNot specified
Fat TypeAnimal fat, fish oilMin 8% crude fat (specified type not provided)
Cost per Kg₱698.67₱320.00 (subscription price)

Which is Better for Your Pet?

When choosing the suitable premium kibble for your dog, both Eukanuba and Bare Pets offer compelling benefits. Eukanuba brings a scientifically formulated, life-stage-specific option that’s robust in nutrients and tailored for medium breeds. Bare Pets counters with its natural, no-frills approach, focusing on the quality and transparency of its ingredients. 

The decision ultimately rests on what values you hold dear in your pet’s nutrition — whether it’s the precision of a scientifically backed diet with Eukanuba or the natural simplicity offered by Bare Pets. Whichever you choose, ensuring your dog receives a balanced, nutritious diet is the common goal, leading to a happy, healthy life for your furry friend.

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