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Nutrichunks vs. Bare Pets: Affordable Premium Dog Food Comparison

The pursuit of premium dog food that fits within a budget is a common challenge for pet owners. In this blog, we dissect the offerings of Nutrichunks and Bare Pets to determine which provides the best bang for your buck without compromising on quality.

Ingredient Quality and Nutritional Content: A Detailed Breakdown

NutrientNutrichunksBare Pets
Main IngredientsCorn, Wheat, Soybean Meal, Meat, and Bone Meal (Bovine)Fresh chicken, Dried pork protein, Grains, Peas
Protein ContentMin 22% crude proteinMin 19% crude protein
Fat ContentMin 8% crude fatMin 8% crude fat
Fiber ContentMax 4% crude fiberNot specified
Price₱252.00₱320.00 (subscription price)


Nutrichunks positions itself as a premium yet affordable option for conscientious dog owners. It’s a brand that understands the need for balanced nutrition without overstretching the budget. With its core ingredients like corn, wheat, and soybean meal, complemented by meat and bone meal from bovine sources, it provides essential nutrients that support dogs’ overall health and vitality. 

A notable aspect of Nutrichunks is its commitment to delivering a protein-rich diet, ensuring a minimum of 22% crude protein to support muscle development and energy levels in active dogs. Despite being priced accessibly, it doesn’t compromise on every dog’s fundamental nutritional requirements to thrive.

Nutrichunks presents itself as a budget-friendly premium option with a price of ₱252.00. Its primary ingredients include corn, wheat, soybean meal, and meat and bone meal from bovine sources. The protein content stands at a minimum of 22%, with fat at a minimum of 8% and fiber capped at 4%.

Bare Pets

Bare Pets takes pride in its approach to natural ingredients and a straightforward nutritional philosophy. The brand’s ethos is transparency and a wholesome diet that mirrors a dog’s natural eating habits. Featuring fresh chicken and dried pork protein, Bare Pets offers a robust profile of amino acids from high-quality animal sources. 

Including grains and peas provides a beneficial mix of fiber for digestive health. At the same time, adding vitamins A, D3, and E, along with L-carnitine and probiotics, supports immune health, bone strength, and nutrient absorption. With a subscription service, Bare Pets simplifies the purchasing process and ensures that your dog’s nutritional needs are consistently met with every meal.

On the other hand, Bare Pets emphasizes its natural ingredient profile, featuring fresh chicken and dried pork protein alongside various grains and peas. Its crude protein content is at least 19%, with a minimum fat content of 8%. Probiotics and essential vitamins like A, D3, and E are also included, promoting overall health and well-being.

Price and Value

Nutrichunks offers a more attractive price point for a single purchase. In contrast, based on the subscription model, Bare Pets’ pricing may present a higher upfront cost but could offer savings and convenience over time.

Making The Right Choice for Your Dog

The decision between Nutrichunks and Bare Pets will hinge on what you prioritize for your dog’s nutrition. Bare Pets may be the preferred choice if you focus on natural ingredients with added vitamins and probiotics. If you’re looking for a lower initial price point and are comfortable with a broader range of ingredients, Nutrichunks could be the way to go.

Is premium nutrition for your pup within reach, even on a budget? Absolutely!

Discover the value of Bare Pets and give your dog the high-quality diet they deserve without breaking the bank. Subscribe today and make the smart choice for your furry family member’s health and happiness. Why wait? Unlock the best in canine nutrition now!

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