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Pedigree vs. Bare Pets: Nutrition for Optimal Dog Health

As pet parents, we continually strive to offer the best for our dogs, which invariably includes their diet. The comparison between Pedigree and Bare Pets kibble is more than just a duel of brands; it reveals what true quality and nutrition can mean for our canine companions. This blog deeply delves into the characteristics that define these two products.

A Side-by-Side Comparison

Ingredient Analysis

Pedigree’s Beef & Vegetable Kibble lists cereals such as corn and wheat as primary ingredients, followed by poultry and poultry by-products and soybean products. In contrast, Bare Pets champions a natural approach with fresh chicken and dried pork protein, along with grains and peas, as noted in the previous comparison.

Protein and Fat

Pedigree leads with a higher crude protein minimum of 26%, compared to Bare Pets’ 19%. However, it’s crucial to note the source of this protein—Bare Pets relies on animal protein from chicken and pork, while Pedigree includes vegetable protein from soy.

Fiber and Moisture

Both brands maintain a moisture content that maxes out at 12%. Pedigree’s fiber content is 5%, which is within a similar range to that of Bare Pets, though the latter’s exact figure wasn’t specified in the earlier comparison.

Nutritional Additives

Bare Pets’ addition of vitamins A, D3, E, and L-carnitine, as well as a variety of trace elements and probiotics like Enterococcus faecium, seems to provide a more rounded nutritional profile compared to Pedigree, which does not detail these additives.

Price Consideration

Price-wise, Pedigree is presented at ₱755.00 for a pack of three, whereas Bare Pets is listed at ₱320.00 based on the subscription rate. The higher price point of Pedigree is notable and suggests a different value proposition.

Comparison Table

Let’s look at a comprehensive list of nutrients your dog can get from both brands.

NutrientPedigreeBare Pets
Main IngredientsCereals (Corn, Wheat), Poultry and Poultry by-products, Soybean productsFresh chicken, Dried pork protein, Grains, Peas
Protein ContentMin 26% crude proteinMin 19% crude protein
Fat ContentNo animal fat is specifiedMin 8% crude fat
Fiber ContentMax 5% crude fiberNot specified
Moisture ContentMax 12% moistureNot specified
Vitamin ANot detailed12,000 IU
Vitamin D3Not detailed1,000 IU
Vitamin ENot detailed75 mg
L-carnitineNot detailed100 mg
Trace ElementsNot detailedIron, Iodine, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, Selenium
Gut Flora StabiliserNot detailedEnterococcus faecium 109 cfu
Price for 3 Packs₱755.00₱960.00 (₱320.00 x 3, subscription price)

Deciding What’s Best for Your Dog

The choice between Pedigree and Bare Pets will ultimately depend on your dog’s specific needs and your preferences for their diet. Whether Pedigree’s higher protein content or Bare Pets’ focus on natural ingredients and comprehensive nutrition, the decision should be made with your dog’s health and happiness in mind.

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Get started with Bare Pets today and elevate your dog’s diet with our premium blend of quality ingredients. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a healthier, happier pup. Your furry friend deserves the best – with Bare Pets, that’s precisely what they’ll get!

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