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humanizing the dog food culture

without the junk

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To bring transparency to an industry plagued with misleading and dishonest practices by putting the health and well-being of pets front and center. With a modern eye on innovation, delivering products that offer nothing but the highest quality of nutrition and care for your furry family members is our simple goal.


To deliver 100M bowls of transparent and nutritious pet food around the world.

To make it more convenient for pet parents to access premium pet nutrition that’s always readily available via mainstream retail distribution channels.

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We noticed a real gap in the Pet Food market and got to work finding the highest quality suppliers. Our goal was to bring you premium products at an affordable price.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our brand and website! Check out our first two key products: dry food and wet food.

By 2025, we plan to be available in half of the markets in Asia and in Australian retail stores. Look out for us near you!

In 2027, we’ll be expanding our brand group’s range to include supplements, treats, and more. Thats even more convenience and affordable, yet quality options for your pets!

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formulated by nutritionists,
praised by vets

I really value quality pet food that uses premium ingredients. Bares recipes are all a prime example of well-balanced recipes that supports your dog and meets all of their essential needs. These recipes are all ‘junk’ free and closely mimic what your pet would have naturally eaten in the wild. I’m personally a huge fan of foods that are supplemented with probiotics.

Dr. Linda Simon

Licensed Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Linda Simon

As a veterinarian, I believe that proper nutrition is the foundation of a pet’s health. This premium pet food exceeds my expectations in terms of quality and nutritional value. It contains high-quality protein sources, essential vitamins, and minerals that support healthy digestion and promote strong bones and muscles.

Dr. Alan Davis


Dr. Alan Davis

It contains no artificial additives or fillers, making it an excellent choice for pets with sensitivities or allergies. This has also been extremely impactful to my clients with pickier eating habits that struggle getting enough micro and macronutrients in on a daily basis.

Dr. Ana Donovan


Dr. Ana Donovan
Kibbles Purpose

our purpose:
giving back to dogs in need


With every order purchased, we donate 1% to Pawssion Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and neglected animals.

Bubbles Purpose
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