Acana vs Bare Pets  Comparing Ingredient Transparency in Dry Dog Food

Acana vs Bare Pets: Comparing Ingredient Transparency in Dry Dog Food

In the quest for the perfect dog food, ingredient transparency has become a top priority for pet owners. This blog compares the labels of Acana and Bare Pets dry dog food to spotlight how each brand measures up in terms of honest and transparent ingredient listing.

Acana: The Transparency of Wholesome Ingredients

Acana’s Classics Poultry Formula boasts a comprehensive ingredient list that reflects its ‘Biologically Appropriate’ philosophy. With a high crude protein content of 29% and a significant fat content of 17%, this formula ensures that dogs get a diet rich in animal protein and essential fats. 

The brand specifies the type of meat used and the quantity, providing 25% chicken meal and notable inclusions of fresh chicken meat and giblets, turkey, and whole eggs. Their commitment to quality is further reinforced by diverse fruits, vegetables, and botanicals, ensuring that dogs receive various nutrients in their most natural form.

Acana’s ingredient transparency extends to the source of their fats, such as chicken fat and herring oil, and highlights the absence of artificial flavorings. Their inclusion of steel-cut oats as a carbohydrate source provides slow-release energy throughout the day, while the lack of synthetic preservatives appeals to health-conscious pet owners. 

Priced at ₱680.00 per kilogram, Acana is positioned as a premium food choice for those who prioritize ingredient quality and nutritional density.

Bare Pets: Simplified Nutrition, Maximum Transparency

Bare Pets has established itself as synonymous with ingredient simplicity and clarity. The focus is on providing a diet that mimics what dogs would naturally consume, featuring fresh chicken and dried pork protein to ensure a high-quality protein supply. The brand’s commitment to transparency is not just in the listing of ingredients but also in the sourcing and preparation processes, aiming to provide pet owners with peace of mind about the food they feed their dogs.

Bare Pets’ subscription model is designed to offer convenience and value, with the pricing set at ₱320.00, based on the subscription rate. This approach simplifies the purchasing process and ensures that pets are consistently fed with high-quality nutrition. The brand’s avoidance of complex ingredients or artificial additives resonates with pet owners who seek a straightforward, nutritious diet for their pets.

Nutritional Comparison Table

NutrientAcanaBare Pets
Main IngredientsChicken meal, fresh meats, oats, legumes, vegetables, fruitsFresh chicken, dried pork protein, grains, peas
Protein Content29% crude protein (min.)Min 19% crude protein
Fat Content17% (min.)Min 8% crude fat
Carbohydrate SourcesOats, legumesGrains, peas
Fiber Content5% (max.)Not specified
Cost per Kg₱680.00₱320.00 (subscription price)

Which to Choose for Your Dog

In the comparison between Acana and Bare Pets, we see two brands with a shared commitment to transparency but distinct approaches to dog nutrition. Acana offers a complex, rich diet with many proteins, carbohydrates, and botanicals, ensuring a nutrient-dense meal. 

Bare Pets, with its pared-down ingredient list, focuses on the essentials, providing a straightforward diet with no hidden surprises. As pet owners, the power lies in choosing a diet that aligns with our dogs’ health needs and our values on nutrition and transparency. Whether you prefer Acana’s variety or Bare Pets’s simplicity, the end goal is a well-nourished, happy dog — the heart of every home.

Choose clarity. Choose health. Choose Bare Pets.

Align your dog’s diet with the art of simple nutrition. Subscribe today and bring the power of pure ingredients to your dog’s bowl. Say no to hidden additives and yes to transparent feeding with Bare Pets — where every ingredient has a purpose. Make the wise choice for your dog now!

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