10 Best All Natural Dog Foods that Dont Use Meat Meals or By Product Meals

The 10 Best All-Natural Dog Foods that Don’t Use Meat Meals or By-Product Meals

Picking the best dog food for your pup can feel overwhelming. With so many options and ingredients we are unaware of, it’s hard to know which suits your furry friend. For instance, many known brands nowadays include meat meals and by-product meals.

Meat meals and by-product meals are not bad for dogs. They can provide essential sources of protein and other nutrients. However, the quality is not guaranteed, and some manufacturers may use low-quality, harmful ingredients. To make the search easier, we listed the top all-natural dog foods that do not contain meat meals and by-products for every fur parent’s peace of mind.

  1. Bare

If you’re looking for dog food that’s simple, transparent, and nutritious, there’s nothing else like Bare. The vet-approved brand’s first kibble ingredient is real fresh chicken, containing 18 vitamins and minerals and six fruits and vegetables. None of the bad stuff, just premium, honest, and goodness made accessible for every fur parent! 

  1. Nature’s Variety Instinct Original

This grain-free dry food contains no artificial flavors or preservatives. It has real chicken, beef, or lamb as the first ingredient and high omega fatty acid levels for healthy skin and coat.

  1. Taste of the Wild

This high-protein formula dry food comes with natural roasted meats, including venison, bison, smoked salmon, and roasted fowl. It also has an array of fruits and vegetables to provide antioxidant support.

  1. Merrick Classic Grain-Free Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe

This grain-free recipe features deboned chicken as its first ingredient and includes sweet potatoes as an alternative source of carbohydrates. It also contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, plus vitamins and minerals for health support.

  1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe

This grain-free dry food contains naturally deboned trout as its first ingredient, along with other proteins like duck meal, whitefish meal, and salmon oil, to provide a balanced diet full of essential amino acids needed by dogs for optimal health.

  1. Acana Meadowland

This family-run company based in Canada creates this formula using fresh regional ingredients from local suppliers near their facility in Kentucky, including free-run poultry from local farms and wild-caught fish from Canadian waters (salmon). It contains no grains, gluten, or potatoes, making it perfect for sensitive stomachs!

  1. Orijen Original Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Made from 100% Canadian-sourced ingredients such as cage-free chicken and turkey plus wild-caught fish from local waters (flounder), this recipe delivers high-quality proteins without added grains or potatoes, making it ideal for those who feed their pup a grain-free diet!

  1. Zignature Trout & Salmon Meal Formula

Another excellent grain-free option is this formula from Zignature, which uses fresh trout & salmon meals as its primary protein sources combined with other nutritious ingredients like peas & chickpeas, providing essential vitamins & minerals your pup needs!

  1. Fromm Gold Holistic Adult Dry Dog Food

A holistic approach to formulation means this dry kibble contains only natural ingredients like Wisconsin cheese and fruits & vegetables, providing fiber plus antioxidants while avoiding unnecessary fillers like corn or wheat!

  1. Primal Turkey Formula Freeze-Dried Raw Nuggets Dog Food

Finally, we have Primal’s freeze-dried raw nuggets coming in at number 10 on our list, which comes from whole prey model diets, including turkey organs/bone/meat, which provides essential nutrients without any added hormones or antibiotics, making them perfect if you want something closer to what our ancestors fed their pups in ancient times!

Real dogs deserve real ingredients.

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