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Join Bare Pets as a Full-Time Content Creator: Where Creativity Meets Pet Passion

Bare Pets is on the hunt for a storytelling maestro who can weave engaging narratives across digital landscapes. If you're a content creation wizard with a flair for video, photography, and social media, and you love pets as much as we do, come help us share our story and connect with pet owners nationwide.

Key Responsibility

What you'll do:

  • Develop and produce engaging content across various platforms to highlight Bare Pets’ mission and products.
  • Shoot and edit high-quality photos and videos for marketing campaigns and social media.
  • Manage Bare Pets’ social media presence, engaging with our community and promoting our brand.
  • Create compelling ads that capture the essence of our pet wellness products.
  • Collaborate with customers to gather and feature their stories and experiences with Bare Pets.


Competencies (Experience)

  • Proven experience in content creation, including photography, videography, and editing.
  • Strong skills in social media management and digital marketing.
  • Creative storytelling ability, with a knack for capturing and engaging an audience.
  • Experience in ad creation and a solid understanding of what drives consumer engagement.
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Desired Skills

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Essential Requirements


  • Individuals lacking creativity and innovation in content creation.
  • Poor time management skills and inability to meet deadlines.
  • Resistance to feedback and unwillingness to adapt content based on analytics.



  • Passionate about pets and the pet wellness industry.
  • Based in or willing to work in time zones compatible with Asia.
  • Proficient in English, both written and spoken.
  • Formal education in Marketing, Communications, or related field is a plus but not required.



  • 40% Creating and editing content (photos, videos, ads).
  • 30% Managing and engaging on social media platforms.
  • 20% Collaborating with customers for content gathering.
  • 10% Analyzing content performance and adapting strategies.

Key Performance Indicators


  • Engagement Rate: Increase in likes, shares, comments, and overall interaction on social media.
  • Content Reach: Expansion of audience reach through organic and paid content.
  • Customer Content Collaboration: Number of successful collaborations with customers for content creation.
  • Conversion Rate: Improvement in conversion rates from social media and ad campaigns.
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