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The Best Online Dog Food Subscription Brand in the Philippines

In the busy world of pet care, a healthy and convenient dog food subscription is the new essential. Bare has emerged as the first and leading healthy dog food subscription brand in the Philippines, providing the best dog food subscription and delivery service. After being the first to offer a unique and innovative pet food subscription service, Bare has positioned itself as a pioneer in the Philippines. Dog food subscriptions have become increasingly popular globally and in other nearby south-east Asian markets in ensuring pets receive the best nutrition, with the added convenience of home delivery among many benefits to both pets and their owners.

Why is Bare a leader of online dog food?

Bare is not just another dog food brand; it is a comprehensive solution for pet owners seeking the best dog food subscription service. With a clear mission and vision, our dedication to providing top-notch products and services sets us apart from your average online pet food brand. One of our unique selling propositions lies in our convenient online dog food subscription model, making it easier than ever for pet parents to meet their dogs’ dietary needs. We offer a wide range of high-quality and healthy dog food options curated to cater to different breeds, dietary preferences, and health requirements, which can now be more conveniently catered to with our online subscription and fast-and-fresh delivery service.

Why are dog food subscriptions increasing in popularity among responsible pet owners?

Subscription plans and their benefits further elevate the experience for pet owners. By opting for a dog food subscription, customers can enjoy the convenience of regular and consistent shipments through a dog food delivery subscription. 

This ensures their furry companions always have access to fresh and healthy food. Rather than ordering when you remember to do so as a consumer, you can conveniently pick the frequency at which your dog food arrives based on the amount you order and the rate at which your dog eats the food. To help determine how much dry or wet food you should buy and how long it will last, you can use our free dog food feeding calculator

Furthermore, the subscription model not only saves time but also offers cost-effectiveness, ultimately saving both time and money for pet owners. It’s quite common that when brands offer a subscription, they include a small discount on the dog food for subscribing. So, if you’re looking for a discount on your pet’s premium pet food, subscribing to Bare’s dog food may be a great way to save and enjoy the convenience of a subscription. 

With the auto-renewal feature, dogs will never have a lapse in their regular diet without a proper transition, promoting their overall health and well-being. Moreover, pet parents can enjoy peace of mind when subscribing to an online delivery service by easily managing the subscription, cancelling whenever necessary without support’s help, and accumulating loyalty points at a faster rate than if they were just to buy dog food as needed. We at Bare also prioritize stocks and product launches for loyal subscribers, creating an exclusive experience for our customers versus people looking to buy our products from retailers, marketplaces or as a one-off purchase. 

Why Choose Bare Over Other Dog Food Brands?

Bare stands out among competitors as the best dog food subscription brand due to its commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. While we are the first to market in the dog food subscription delivery service, we are also confident in delivering a better product backed by an incredible customer experience. 

We focus on providing healthy dog food options and ensuring full ingredient transparency of every ingredient in every recipe to empower pet parents to make informed choices for their furry friends. To see how we stack up against competitor brands, check out our comparative analysis here.

The Philippine Pet Market Landscape

The pet ownership landscape in the Philippines has witnessed significant growth, with more and more Filipinos becoming pet owners. This trend has propelled the pet care industry forward, creating a demand for convenient and reliable pet care solutions. Dog food subscriptions have emerged as a game-changing solution in Asia recently, providing pet owners with easy access to high-quality and nutritious food for their pets. Bare aims to be a pioneer and innovator for online pet food throughout Asia and Australia over the coming years. 

Bare stands out as the best dog food subscription brand by delivering a localized approach that caters to the specific needs of Filipino pet owners. Recognizing the uniqueness of each dog, they go the extra mile to understand and address the requirements of Filipino pet owners. Through partnerships with local pet care experts and veterinarians, Bare ensures that its products and services align with the Filipino context, offering tailored advice and assistance to pet owners.

Furthermore, Bare actively engages with the pet community and participates in pet welfare initiatives. For example, they currently, at the time of writing, are committed to donating a percentage of all profits to one of their partner organizations, Pawssion Project.  Our commitment to advocating for the well-being of animals goes beyond providing dog food; we strive to make a positive impact and contribute to the welfare of pets in the Philippines.

Innovating, Revolutionizing and Leading Online Pet Food Convenience

Bare has revolutionized the pet care industry in the Philippines by offering the best dog food subscription and delivery service. Our commitment to healthy and convenient pet food subscriptions has captured the hearts of pet owners across the country. As the demand for convenient pet care solutions continues to grow, Bare is at the forefront, ensuring that pets receive the best nutrition and care. The future of pet care in the Philippines, Asia and Australia looks promising, driven by the desire to provide the best for our furry friends as if they were our own kids.

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